What to look for in choosing the right mastectomy bra: Part 4 – Bra Styles

Let’s explore the wide variety of bra styles available to you. It can be quite confusing to be surrounded by so many options so I hope to make the process of choosing the right bra for YOU easier!

Let me start with the easiest fact: all bras are divided into 2 main categories: Seamed or Seamless.

Seamed or Cut-and-Sew bras provide extra support as the cups are constructed with 2 or 3 seams across the breast. The lift and support provided by the seams means you will look and feel better. Our 210 Barbara bra is a seamed softcup model and provides unparalleled support and definition.

Seamless/ Contour / Moulded Cup / T-shirt / Foam Cup bras are all different names but describe similar styling where the seams across the cups have been eliminated. This bra styling provides a smooth profile under clothing, as well as a sculpted silhouette. Additionally, foam cup bras provide nipple concealment. Also in this category, you will find both softcup and underwire options. Trulife has many seamless models, too many to list here, but take a look at our latest: full-coverage foam cup model 4043 Lexi, available in Amethyst and beautiful neutral Sandstone colour.

Now, let’s complicate things a bit and add more detail! In each of the “Seamed” and “Seamless” categories, we can find models with additional design or function attributes.

Softcup / Wirefree bras are unstructured under and around the breast tissue; they are designed to provide structure and support through other components of the bra such as cup seams, back and wide comfort straps. Our 4029 Leah bra is at the same time a seamless and softcup while Gabriella 4015 is seamed and softcup.

Underwire bras provide separation and support for full profiles and offer additional lift and definition for small busts. Our 4002 Lily bra has a plastic underwire to offer flexibility and softer support while our bras 4008 Audrey & 4009 Lana are also both seamless and feature metal underwire for greater support.

Front-closure bras are ideal for women with limited movement and/or dexterity due to surgery or those who suffer from arthritis or lymphedema and cannot reach to close a traditional back-closure bra. Our 212 Bethany is a seamed softcup model and offers front and back closure for maximum comfort and adjustability.

Leisure & Post-Surgery camisole and bras are featured in the Living Well section of our website; they are very soft, stretchy and unstructured bras for comfort after surgery and are suitable for use with a lightweight leisure breast prosthesis. Our seamed softcup bra 327 Charlotte has a front closure while our super soft camisole 603 Jennifer is easy to get on and off with its step-in design.

Fiberfill bras have lightly padded cups to provide support and ensure a uniform and shapely profile under clothing. Fiberfill padding is ideal to correct unevenness in cases where lymph nodes have been removed or when one side is slightly smaller than the other, following breast reconstruction as an example.

Another type of bra that can offer many of the characteristics listed above is Shaped Support; typically for full-figures or to offer amazing support features such as wide straps, back posture control or side panel for an exceptional smooth shape, with fiberfill cups.

An M-Frame design is yet another bra type that encompasses a few of the previous design features. The frame around the sides of both breasts offers a comfortable and supportive fit that lifts and moves with you. Take a look at our model 420 Kate which has an M-Frame body as well as wide straps, reinforced side panels and beautiful embroidery on the top of the cups.

Have I clarified some things for you? Don’t hesitate to post your questions and comments and I’ll shed some light on all things related to bras. In the next post of this Fit Series to help you understand what makes a bra the best one FOR YOU, I’ll explore the elements of a good fitting bra by combining components and bra styling features I listed today. I’m looking forward to talking with you again!

Keep well,
Annie B.
Trulife – Bra Designer