A look back at 2017 – What has changed in the Breast Care Landscape?

As ever, 2017 has seen the Breastcare landscape shift again with a number of advances in cancer detection, surgery, treatment options and medications to deal with and prevent breast cancer. In 2017, research from various organisations has managed to unearth factors relating to genetics and lifestyle that contribute to the risk of developing breast cancer.

These studies range from looking at the effects of diet and exercise that affect breast cancer risk, to studies on how gene variations may increase risk. To add to this, advances have been made in hormone therapy drugs that prevent as well as treat breast cancer, and in non-hormonal drugs that may aid breast cancer reduction.

Work like this is constantly being done to find improved ways to treat breast cancer which will ultimately improve the lives of women now and in the future.

To support this type of research Trulife staff in Ireland dressed in Pink to raise both awareness and money for breast cancer research in October 2017.


Launch of ReCover Reconstruction & Post-Surgery Solutions

In 2017 we saw the launch of ReCover, our new collection of Breastcare products with removable layers of soft 100% natural silicone that provide adjustable fullness and projection. The range is designed to provide a gentle and comfortable fit during the multiple stages of reconstruction, for post-lumpectomy use and for covering breast tissue that has changed due to radiation.

Since launching, they have proved to be a hit with patients, Breast Care Nurses and Fitters alike.

Trulife’s Breastcare Manufacturing Advances

The technology used in our Sublime, Sublime Arís and Impressions ranges distinguishes Trulife from other breast prostheses, as they are designed without an outer film and are made from 100% silicone. Helping us create a new standard in natural product.

Every year, more and more people are happy to discover these lightweight and unique breast forms.

New Manufacturing Movie

In 2017 we filmed our manufacturing movie in Dublin as it is always fascinating to see the manufacturing processes.

Our visitors to Trulife are always surprised at how “handmade” our products really are; see for yourself by clicking below.

A New Design Based on a Best Selling Range

Our Silk Triangle breast prosthesis is still the most popular product, and based on customer feedback in 2017 we are adding a new product to this much-loved range: the Silk Curve. This product is now in our new catalogue and will be launched in 2018.

It is a uniquely shaped breast prosthesis with an elongated top allowing it to transition smoothly to the chest wall. Silk Curve is a soft, natural draping breast form designed to match a mature breast and to fit in with both underwire and soft cup bras.

Coming soon……..

That’s not where it stops; we plan to grow even more in 2018 with a number of exciting products in design.

We intend to keep growing through innovation and listening to our customers’ needs.

With the Holiday Season now just a few short days away we would like to thank our customers, friends, families and everyone associated with Trulife for their continued support.

We wish you all health, peace and happiness and a prosperous New Year.