Chocolate Nutty Protein Pancakes

It’s super difficult to find delicious recipes that are easy to make, contain healthy ingredients and won’t wreck your waistline. Today, I’ve got a simple one for you, though. This little gem got me through my first bodybuilding competition food prep.

First let me say that competition prep is difficult. It’s challenging being on a restricted food plan for 12 long weeks with absolutely no cheats. I found myself scouring the internet looking for something that would satisfy my sweet tooth but not destroy my macros. After a craving for pancakes almost did me in, I started researching, but everything was just too . . . complicated.

I took a few ideas from the internet and just started toying around with ingredients until I had a great recipe for pancakes that doubled as my nightly dessert. I did not have to sacrifice my diet, and I went on to bring my best bodybuilding package to the stage. In October, I celebrated my 4th year in cancer remission participating in a natural bodybuilding show. And, yes, I packed a serving of these in my food cooler for competition day.



– 4 egg whites
– 1 scoop chocolate plant protein (I use Orgain Plant Protein, but egg white protein DOES NOT work)
– 1.5 tablespoons cashews
– 1 tablespoon ground golden flaxseed meal
– Dash of cinnamon
– Dash of Vanilla Extract
– Shredded coconut (optional pinch per pancake)

Place ingredients (except shredded coconut) into a blender and blend until smooth. Set aside. Place the desired amount of coconut oil in a skillet so that the pancakes do not stick. You may need to adjust this amount based on your brand of ingredients and the “stick factor.” Pour the batter into the skillet. I recommend making multiple smaller pancakes because they tend to stick less and flip easier. Sprinkle the shredded coconut on one side. Cook on medium heat, flip, brown some more, and serve.

Note: Pancakes without syrup almost made me cry, so I spread one tablespoon of peanut butter on top. With the pancakes fresh from the skillet, the peanut butter melted perfectly into creamy deliciousness! I ate these Chocolate Nutty Protein Pancakes every night until my competition. Is it cheesecake? No. Is it a great alternative for your sweet tooth? Yep!

Makes one serving. Calories and macros will vary dependent upon ingredients used:

249cal / 13c / 30p /11f

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